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nomenclature of the external chicken features and parts

Poultry are judged by a very specific set of rules laid out by the American Poultry Association. These standards can be found in their publication "American Standard of Perfection 2001". This book can be purchased direct from the American Poultry Association at During judging the hens and roosters are frequently disqualified for deformities or defects. These defects are frequently inherited but the chicken can also be disqualified for evidence of faking.

The standards that are judged are i) determination of merit, or overall appearance. The determination of merit scale is 100 points and has specific points for shape and color of the different features (shown in picture on left). The other judging categories are ii) size and weight, iii) condition, or vigor, iv) shape and type, v) color, and vi) feather quality. The judging is a complex process and each class and breed of chicken has different expected features so select your entry carefully. Eggs are also judged and awarded prizes. The chicken eggs are judged by the packaged dozen eggs. The weight is determined with the weight of the carton included.

chart showing weight of chicken eggs from jumbo to small

a diagram of the internal parts of the chicken egg

Like the chickens above, eggs are frequently disqualified. Generally, the judge will break open one of the eggs to look at the quality of the interior. The other judging aspects include the color and consistency between the eggs. As previously stated, the weight includes the box so be sure to weight the egg filled carton.

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