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Information for Our Egg Customers

We place eggs daily at the gate on the bottom of our property. All eggs are fresh that day. No eggs are held over from previous days.

These eggs have not been washed. Eggs have a natural preservative coating and do not need to be refrigerated until washed. (In Europe the eggs in stores are not in the refrigerated section.) We recommend that you do not wash your eggs until you use them for cooking or baking.

Some eggs are white, some are brown and some are either green or blue. Different varieties of chickens lay different colored eggs. The guinea fowl also lay eggs and these are edible also. Guinea fowl only lay eggs once a year so when these are in season we generally try to hatch them to replenish our stock of fowl. If we have extra then we will offer them for sale. The guinea eggs are smaller have a hard shell and are more pointed than a chicken egg.

If you want to contact us directly send an email to
jodibible at gmail dot com

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Farm to Table Fresh Eggs For Sale